Golden State: From lovable to distasteful in a flash

I'm told this is Draymond Green's Michigan mug shot, although he appears quite pleased with himself.

I’m told this is Draymond Green’s Michigan mug shot, although he appears quite pleased with himself.

I don’t consider myself the fickle type. I’ve been married forever. I basically drink the same beer as I did as a teenager (relax, the drinking age was 18 then). And I’ll probably drive a Ford until I die, or until the state takes my license.

And, yet, here I find myself having done a flip-flop with the suddenness of a reality TV show bachelor.

The last NBA season, the Golden State Warriors were, in these eyes, the most watchable product in sports. The team worth losing sleep over. A team that was a staple second half of an evening’s televised NBA doubleheader, taking the East Coast viewer on a detour of Kimmel and Fallon and the like and on to a pleasant slumber.

You had to love the ball movement and energy at both ends of the floor and the overall remarkableness of Steph Curry. Last season, I wanted the Warriors to win every game, and they almost did.

And, now, in the relative beat of a hummingbird’s wings, I’d be just as glad if they never won again.

Familiarity has done the Warriors no favor.

Turns out their front man, Draymond Green, is something of an ass. Aside from being a serial groin puncher/kicker, he also just got arrested back in his old college town of East Lansing, Mich., for a petty assault on a Michigan State football player. Give Green some credit for staying within his gender and his athletic class, at least.

And, I just hope the other party involved was wearing a cup – not a normal bar-hopping precaution.

Then, of course, there was the signing of Kevin Durant. Naturally, he had earned the right to take his talents anywhere he pleased, but why did he have to jump to the franchise his Oklahoma City Thunder had just extended to the limit in the postseason? That’s like the sports version of treason.

Why did he feed the trend of players looking for the prefab championship?

Why did he help build a prohibitive favorite? Nobody loves a prohibitive favorite.

Fie on Durant for making me turn against Golden State.

So, come, join me if you will as a Warriors worrier, a faction concerned about the team that once was so refreshing and is now so offensive (and not in the good way).

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Lebron to Miami, Shaq to LA, everyone to the's not a new sports phenomenon. The Warriors just became more fun to watch, groin boy notwithstanding.

The sad part is that the Hawks, the team of

"Black Hollywood" as Atl is called by some, can only entice a half effort player on the downside to come to town.


Im sure the Warrior fans are loving it, but they have to fix this.  I am kind of glad though, that what Lebron started in Miami, will now come back to haunt him.


Would you feel that way if Steph, Clay, Draymond, and Durant played for the Hawks?



I'm sure that if they played for the Hawks, yes, he'd still feel that way about Golden St.